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We are an international company based in Austria and Ukraine, providing services in investment projects analysis, audit and assistance

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Our team consists of industry experts and an MBA from leading international universities.

The team includes financiers, IT experts, marketing specialists, psychologists, lawyers and salespeople

Our services

Investments valuations and investment projects audit

If you do not know whether or not to invest in the project, our team will do for you project audit

Individual selection of investment projects

While many platforms offer investment consultancy services, we have one critical distinction - we invest together with you, making sure that the projects are carefully selected and risks are properly evaluated. We have retail, IT, fintech, start ups and many other projects in our portfolio

Looking for investments?

If you think that your projects deserves our attention - please do not hesitate to contact us. Send us a detailed description, presentation and business plan. It is important to understand that we never provide funding at the idea stage, you have to provide mature project with sales. As an exception we may consider prototype stage project


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If you need an advise, consultancy services or investment assistance please call or email us:

+38 044 229 07 71
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